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Products & Services

  • Tall US / State Flags & Poles

    Tall US / State Flags & Poles

    Need a flag? Need a pole? We've got them both. Whether it is a 20 or 50 foot flag pole…

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  • Interior Signage

    Interior Signage

    These are exciting projects for us because we get to do our most favorite thing...make you look great!

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  • Pool & Spa Signs

    Pool & Spa Signs

    Click on this page to see pool & spa sign requirements, and other important information.

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  • Site Maps

    Site Maps

    Attention to detail. Accuracy. Readability. That's what we put into every one of our directional projects.

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  • Sales & Leasing Office Displays

    Sales & Leasing Office Displays

    Las Vegas Flag & Sign has designed and fabricated dozens of Sales/Leasing Office & Model Home Displays.

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  • Unit Numbers

    Unit Numbers

    Let us design and fabricate your unique unit numbers. Our design systems and materials we use will save you money.

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  • Rigid Panel & Pole Banner Flags

    Rigid Panel & Pole Banner Flags

    Unlike flags, these pole banners do not need the wind to be seen and are perfect for 24-7 visual impact.

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  • Way Finding Systems

    Way Finding Systems

    These important systems can mean the difference between customers finding your front door, or your competitors.

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  • Event Banners

    Event Banners

    Event Banners are great when you need to advertise an event but don't want to put up a permanent structure.

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