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Las Vegas Flag & Sign is a full-service signage specialist. We provide visual communications for local businesses, construction companies, home builders, commercial properties, HOA’s & multi-residential properties. We have over 30 years of local experience, and have branded and created signage for some of the largest and well known properties in Southern Nevada. Our extensive knowledge of city and county ordinances and our utilization of optimum construction techniques and materials enable us to save you both time and money. Our in-house team of designers and seasoned staff have decades of experience working with property managers and marketing departments. Whether it’s a logo on a gate; directories, cut letters on a wall, slabs, tiles of granite, or any other type of community identity or support branding we will provide you with outstanding results. Call on us today for a free quote.


Christa Adamson

Christa has years of sales experience in the homebuilding, commercial and the multi-residential…

Increasing property values for over 30 years!



Some people think the term ‘Customer Service’ is overused and outdated.
We don’t.

In this rapidly advancing technological society we like to think we are still an old school kind of company – return phone calls and emails promptly, listen to our customer’s needs, meet deadlines, provide high quality goods and services at a reasonable price and above all the customer comes first. Always.


Customers say they should not have to wait months to get their orders.
We agree.

We are a very busy company. But not too busy for you. We understand the impact our services can have on your bottom line, and, on whether or not prospects know you are even open for their business. We strive to get your project out the door based on your needs. Not ours.


What is the difference between a temporary sign and a permanent one?
Hiring the right company.

Sometimes contracting is not always apples to apples. We recommend to our clients to always scrutinize the materials and designs on estimates they receive, and make sure they do not purchase something of lesser value wrapped in a pretty package for less money. Our extensive knowledge of city and county ordinances and our utilization of optimum construction techniques and materials enable us to save you time, money and the headache of redoing a project after six months. Much like our relationships, we build to last.




Burke Construction All About Safety

A big thank you to Burke for practicing safety on their construction sites. We designed the signage campaign so all workers entering wear the required gear. Messages are provided in both Spanish and English. The graphics are simple and at a glance convey the appropriate items without even having to read the callouts.  

Congratulations to Burke Construction Group

Credit One Bank, which offers several credit cards to consumers across the United States, is planning to break ground on its new four-story, 152,000-square-foot corporate headquarters in Las Vegas in December. The new building will sit just south of Interstate 215, between Durango and Buffalo drives. The developer on the new building is Grand Canyon […]